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COMEL CAT-cat litter-packaging-pillow-ROSE-10litreCOMEL CAT-cat litter back-packaging-pillow10litre



  • Fragranced with Apple, Lemon, Peach or Rose
  • Effective Absorbent & Clumping
  • Reduce Liquid & Waste Odors
  • Economical & Reduce Wastages
  • Easy Care & Environment Friendly

Product Description

How often to add or change the cat litter?

  • When COMEL CAT cat litter comes into contact with liquid or waste, it forms clump and thereby strongly holds the liquid or waste odors. Dispose the clumped solid cat litter. The unsoiled cat litter remains fresh.
  • Every week or as necessarily required, dispose the soiled cat litter and wash clean the litter tray.
  • The frequency of changing the cat litter depends on the activity level of the cat.


Size available:

  • 10 Litre per bag.

Additional Information

Weight 10.0 g


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